10 Euros in the Eyes of Artists

Money 10 euros in the Eyes of Artists 
Referring to the past and present of Europe as well as the diversity of languages ​​and cultures, artists from all over Europe to create their interpretation of 10 euro banknotes.
Europe is the largest continent after Asia and Europe have a variety of culture and the arts, not in doubt many researchers, scientists and artists were born from there. This time we review a rare case of 'money' 10 Euro Banknote in the Eyes of Artists '' Review dw.de

Redesign Michael Erbach 
one of an artist he is Michael designing new banknotes of the old paper money collection. He "brings together parts of old money and brutally print Euro '10 'on it." Musician and freelance artist is trying to move away from "paper money uniform, neutral, no postures, no value and no energy."

Version History of Thomas Haubold 
Thomas wants to focus on the importance of economic and agricultural history. He explains, "not only created the farm at that time (as seen in the photos), but also the economy."

Inspiration of the Canary Islands
Frederik Jurk find pleasure in the "vision of the future in the past." His inspiration materialized in a "friendly dog figure on top of the flag of the Spanish islands." He wants to design paper money "with flashy colors - a bill that can be identified clearly from a distance."

Embroidering Europe
Torsten Wolber make paper money on the basis of political inspiration that the EU was seen as "a patchwork system 'patchwork.' He noted that for him "Europe is not an image of the final form, but more to the search itself, which will eventually form the Europe."

Freedom, Diversity, Honorary 
Peter Pichler is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer. He created the euro banknotes will Ceija Stokja based memory and its impact on freedom, diversity and honor. Ceija is Austrian-Romanian citizens who survived the Holocaust and received numerous awards. Throughout his life, Ceija is a writer, painter and musician.

Allegory of Freedom 
Irish-born artist, Lorna Egan, live and work in Cologne, Germany, as an illustrator. He was concentrating on the depiction of the Euro in the sky, saying, "The sky is not only an allegory of freedom, but also connect the citizens of Europe to each other." Children represent "the hope that future generations will be more successful in creating this unity."

Jeanne d'Arc Leading the Way 
Antje Herzog illustrating and designing using a computer of the his home in Köln, Germany. He decided to draw Jeanne d'Arc, as Europa, riding the bull that symbolizes Zeus. This is the visualization on the Euro - "figure and the most significant element of the many potential symbol for Europe."

Language and Cultural Diversity 
Grazyna picture Ostrowska-Henschel on 10 Euro banknote leaving only two variables-the language and culture. He illustrating picture with a simple message - "our strength lies in the diversity of languages ​​and cultures.'s The power of Europe and the foundation of tolerance."

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