219 Million Milky Way Successfully Mapped

219 Million Milky Way Succeed In Map
How many number of stars in the Milky Way? More recently, scientists have issued a new catalog northern Milky Way, including the prediction of celestial glow that no less than 219 million stars. We will not be able to interpret the number of stars in the Milky Way, but by using a mirror held 2.5 M INT, scientists have mapped the Milky Way's 219 million separate star. INT program to map all the stars brighter than 20th magnitude, or about 1 million times fainter than can be seen with the human eye.

Geert Barentsen a scientist from the University of Hertfordshire, with the team collecting catalogs in the program lived for ten years. This joint team uses special equipment mounted on Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) on La Palma, Canary Islands. Results of mapping studies of the Milky Way 219 million published in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society this week's issue.

Scientists Release New Catalog 219 Milky Way 

The sky was dark from the Earth, the Milky Way looks like a large glowing object that stretches along the sky. Among astronomers refer to it as the disk of our galaxy, which stretches along the system 100,000 light years. They see the edge of the viewpoint of the orbit of the Sun, where the disk contains most of the Milky Way's stars, including the sun, the densest concentration of dust and gas.

By using catalogs, the scientists have put together a very detailed map of the object in the Milky Way galaxy. Information data showed varying density of the Milky Way, giving new insights and developing the extensive structure, including stars, gas and dust. Images collected from the density map of the Milky Way obtained directly from the catalog telescope, these data describe a new view, successfully obtained. This description is also useful for the new generation model map of the Milky Way.
resources and review via 219 million stars: a detailed catalogue of the visible Milky Way

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