3 Easy Steps to Protect New iPhone From Hackers

3 Easy Steps to Protect New iPhone from hackers
Do you often feel worried about the security on your iPhone OS? A few days ago a lot of news about the hacker managed to break into several accounts celebrities. Everyone should be worry about the security and safety of Account and if you are a new iPhone user here are 3 ways and tips to secure or protect your new iPhone.
Maginezart very interested to sharing information about the new iPhone lets users read a few reviews of the following 3-step Secure New iPhone.

1 Enable fingerprint recognition Touch ID

Touch is an Apple ID fingerprint reader embedded directly into the model of the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus to authenticate the user. You can use your fingerprint to unlock the iPhone and to make a purchase through iTunes, App Store and Apple Pay. If you do not activate the Touch ID when first setting your device, you can activate it later on the Settings menu. Although you do not have the latest iPhone type, be sure to enable the passcode on your device.
Based on latest survey conducted by Consumer Reports, only 36 percent of smartphone users who enable the passcode (with at least 4 digits), while 34 percent do not do anything to secure the device.

2 Use keywords powerful Apple ID and unique 

Apple ID is required to make payments on iTunes and the Apple App Store. Apple ID is also required to enable features iCloud on your iPhone or iPad. Keywords are very important so make sure you use the best.

Apple has a basic keyword terms to use on the Apple ID, including the use of a small letter and one capital letter, one number and at least eight characters.

You can increase the power of your keywords by using more than eight characters in accordance with the minimum requirements and using random characters.

Just as you are not going to use the same key to open the front door of the house and your car, you should never use the same keywords in more than one account.

3 Use two-step verification 

Keywords only are not enough to protect your iPhone. Symantec recommends using two-step verification. In order to thieves or hackers find it difficult to break through the account or your iPhone

Once activated, two-step verification to protect data and iCloud Apple ID you from the attackers access to your username and password.

Two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication) is only an additional layer of protection for your Apple ID.

Basically, to get into your account and make changes, they need more than just a password. They also will require a verification code to be sent to one of the trusted device - phishers may not have it.

To enable two-step verification, go to your Apple ID and password and select Security. You will be prompted to register a device that is reliable, such as mobile phone or tablet.

Make sure you print the recovery key to Apple if you lose your phone or do not have direct access to your device and need to log in to your account. review via  Symantec

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