3 Tips to Overcome Marriage Prone Period

3 Tips to Overcome Marriage Prone Period
Vulnerable period in the family can not be predicted. that will appear anytime. However, there are some things that can be done during the vulnerable period comes.

1 Maturity individual
Marriage is like a roller coaster that not just anyone can ride. Only those who are mature can ride. One indication of how attitudinal problems seen objectively. Not promoting ego.

2 Openness
Anything as small and less emotional problems faced by married couples in the face of the vulnerable, will be addressed when couples equally open to one another.

3 Communication continuing

As the pace of the vulnerable cope with marriage, couples must continue to learn how to communicate properly with their respective spouses. Communication is not just one level, it requires reforms in tune with the problems faced by a married couple. (Never published in Essence Magazine Extra 1001 Family Solutions for Youth)

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