4 Things to Consider for Choosing a Martial Club

Some people, initially interested in learning martial arts after watching an action movie that presents a stunning attractions. There are fad bandwagon because of invited friends. Womenfolk especially many who pursue martial after the kidnapping and rape bombarded news on public transport. On the other hand there are also fall in love after a few years training and martial arts as a way to make living.

Many factors need to be considered before starting a martial arts lesson. If the goal is only to show off its consideration as soon as possible of course much easier, but if you really want to learn the intentions seriously for the long term, I hope this simple article can be input before plunging to his martial.

Factors you should consider when you want to follow the martial arts club


If your body is less flexible and far from muscular, do not worry. Flexible legs can be split front and back and sideways, flat stomach like Bruce Lee is the result of learning martial arts is not a requirement to start.
Experienced instructors can also provide input if you are qualified to start a medical practice. For example, if your back had surgery because of falls and to this day still relapse sometimes, most likely Judo instructor will not allow you to take exercise. Wong exercise basically just slammed learn to fall!

Martial Flow

"The flow of what a great martial arts?" it is one of the most common questions of those who intend to learn martial arts. The answer: no, all returned to the martial practitioner respectively. Advanced cookware, organic food ingredients as fresh as anything will not make someone a Master Chef. Instructors, club reputation, no matter how great technique does not mean that learning will not be serious.

Composition Student Profile

The club has the usual large class divide based on age (children, teenagers and adults). Unfortunately it is almost impossible to do in a small club because of limited resources. Age composition of the student profile that is too much different with you too lazy to make exercise, especially for adults who exercise in full of club kids. If forced to reason than no exercise at all that loss yourself.

Instructor qualifications

Last and no less important, do not be afraid to question the qualification of instructors! Do not believe it if the instructor can admit directly of grandmasters qualifying in Korea, Japan, China etc.. I've read articles arrest fake karate instructor who claims a direct student of Mas Oyama (founder of Kyokushin Karate). To be more convincing, he displayed pictures of him together Mas Oyama Dojo. Having investigated it turned out the photos were taken when the 'instructors' are on vacation to Japan!

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