7 Negative Impact often Using Laptop for Health

In this modern era one of the most widely used is the laptop. easy to carry to anywhere so many people forget the time and focus to Playing with it. The existence of the current laptop as a desktop computer shifts presence. The slim size, light weight, easy to carry anywhere easily accepted and made ​​his presence is needed in modern society today. In addition to the tempting offer of convenience, it appeared that the laptop can also be a negative impact on health. Start of stiffness in muscles, eye strain, and also the risk of cancer.  Citing Boldsky, if you're used to putting the laptop in lap, heat is removed the laptop will give bad effect to the skin. Meanwhile, for men, this heat will slowly kill your sperm and decrease fertility. via life viva

1 Chronic Backache 

You usually put the laptop on your lap will tend to bend or slump sitting position. This will cause pain in the lower back, causing even spondylitis.

2 Infertility 

For men, the heat produced by the laptop can damage the sperm and the resulting radiation can affect the quality and motility of sperm.

3 Computer Vision Syndrome

When using a laptop, you tend to look at closer distances compared to using a desktop computer. It is developing computer vision syndrome, which causes tension, dryness of the eyes, also enhance your eyes.

4. Neck Pain

Your position while viewing the laptop tends to force the neck to bend over, causing a stiff neck and chronic neck pain. This posture problems may also cause spondylitis.

5. toasted skin syndrome 

Heat is generated when the laptop is in the lap will cause discoloration of the skin and also cause other skin diseases.

6 The risk of cancer 

Is your skin itchy and hot when holding laptop on lap for hours? This could lead to skin cancer.

7 Fingers twitch 

The keys on the laptop keyboard is cramped if used for long hours will make your fingers twitch muscles and numbness. It also causes the muscles of the fingers frozen for some time.

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