8 More Rich Cartoon Characters You should know!!!

8 Richest Cartoon Characters
Animation or cartoon Character was fictional and never existed in the real world. However, some of the character was described as having human-like lifestyle in the real world in general.

Among the many cartoon characters are there some described as having exceptional possessions and wealth that it can inspire people in the real world to become like them.

Some figures are portrayed as rich here are derived from superhero comics. and However, there is also a character from the popular animated series.

certainly not all rich cartoon character who has that intangible assets such as human abundant in the real world. Most of them even described very comical and inspired from some animals.

Who are the cartoon or animation of them? According to the Huffington Post site there are eight popular names are present for a long time. Check out some animated or cartoon characters following !!

1.Bruce Wayne ''Batman''

Bruce Wayne or Batman is also known as a figure who is a wealthy millionaire who can buy all kinds of needs including when he decided to become a hero figure dubbed Batman.

we know he can get all the things you want to buy goods worth billions of dollars. woow very cool. Did you notice that? If you do not know let's watch and read more.
Bruce described inherited a company called Wayne Enterprises after his parents were shot dead robber. The company provides all the weapons, cars, up to the bat cave to his needs as Batman secretly.

In addition, Bruce is also known always spend his money lavishly at night with a woman and what he want

2.Uncle Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck)

Scrooge McDuck or more popularly known as Uncle Scrooge or Scrooge McDuck, is one of the richest duck character in the story Donald Duck cartoons (Donald Duck) Walt Disney bouquet.

In the film or the story, Uncle Scrooge McDuck is the richest duck in Duckberg and always shown swimming in a giant safe filled with a lot of gold coins.

Scrooge McDuck character is described as having poor character. He is best known as a stubborn character, miserly and grumpy.

3.C. Montgomery Burns 

C. Montgomery Burns is one of the characters from the cartoon series The Simpsons character are known to be very rich in Springfield, hometown of the characters.

The figure is described as eternal owner of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (Springfield Nuclear Power Plant) is, always ignoring the social norms prevailing.

Montgomery has always used his wealth to satisfy every desire.

4.Ruella de Vil

Taken from the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians Dodie Smith's work release in 1956, Cruella de Vil is a figure of a rich woman who behaves as an antagonist.

In 1961, he officially became a cartoon character in the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians Disney filmed.

In the story, she said he could not live without fur, Cruella de Vil so always spend the money to fulfill the sexual drive.

Her wealth is used in the case of an evil plan to make a coat of Dalmatian dogs are always thwarted.

5.Lex Luthor 

If Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who incarnated as a superhero figure, then Lex Luthor is an antagonist character who becomes rich eternal enemy of the strongest superhero on Earth, Superman.

Lex Luthor has always appeared with bald head and acted as CEO of Lexcorp. He also found a personal jetpack, control the passage of time, and often embed kryptonite rock in the back.

He is always trying to conquer Superman in ways that always fails. In addition, Lex also spent time in prison.

6.Richie Rich 

No one does not know the character of Richie Rich, a child with abundant wealth and be an example of its own for the children who already know in order to be rich when I grow up.

Although shown as a child with abundant wealth, but still tuanyalah people who make money-the money.

He saves it in the valuable treasures of Mount Richmore which are carved the giant statues family.

Richie Rich himself was originally a comic character published by Harvey, which first appeared in 1953's character Richie himself is often portrayed as a kind and generous.

7.Professor X 

One of the advantages of Professor X is in control of his powers as a figure of mutant telepathic powers. Wealth which she had inspired him to establish special schools mutants, Xavier Institute as well as the leader of the X-Men.

He also uses his money to buy the most powerful tools at once funded several special programs for children education in mutants that foundation.

Professor X is also the only one who knows the location of the Mind Infinity Gem, which allows the owner to access the thoughts and dreams of all living beings.

8.Wile E. Coyote 

For fans of the cartoon, Wile E. Coyote would name absurd if considered as belonging to one of the richest character. Given a sloppy appearance and his work just wanted to catch the Road Runner.

But Coyote is always seen consistently buy the latest products made ​​ACME offered to him. And in each episode she could have more than one type of goods to the amount immeasurably.

Many people are suspicious and think that most likely the Coyote is a shareholder in the heavy equipment.

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