A brave swimmer to swim in the cold of minus 60C

A brave swimmer to swim in the river with a cold in the river -60C Kuydsun - Oymyakon. 
It is the coldest river in world temperatures reached -60C. A brave swimmer is not a regular swimmer, she was willing to take risks in the Siberian cold or often called Chiskhaan. 
Some very great !, Tourists from Europe came to visit the residence of the guard cold in Yakutia to see the brave swimmers.

While some regions of Siberia in winter and thermometer in Yakutia - officially known as the Republic of Sakha - known as the coldest place in the world. One of the very cold river is Oymyakon in Indikirka.

Listed on February 6, 1933 that the lowest temperature of minus 67.7C ever for any permanently inhabited location on Earth. Verkhoyansk, also in the Republic of Sakha, Russia's largest single region, also claims the record low temperature the same. Images via siberiantimes

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