Although Small, Nemo Fish Can Explore the Ocean Up to 400 Kilometers

Recent research has found that baby clown fish (clownfish) can swim up to 400 kilometers. Not inconceivable distance so far taken by the animal's size is only a few centimeters.Even though scientists did not know how far that is able to be reached this clown fish.

"This study will find out how far these fish are able to explore the oceans," said marine biologist from the University of Exeter, England, Stephen Simpson.

Certainly not easy to measure the distance cruising fish. Researchers do not use GPS or GoPro track but traveling larvae and found hundreds of kilometers of exploration carried a single larva.

According to the journal PLoS ONE, published on Wednesday (17/09/2014), the group-sampling for DNA taken in fin-fish and marine re-released. The result, researchers found DNA Nemo fins on coral reefs hundreds of kilometers away from where the first was found.

In fact, the research team found that big number of larvae Nemo exploring coral reefs in the north to the south is the direction of the ocean currents.

Can you imagine this orange-colored small animal exploring the vastness of the ocean? They will just look like grains of rice alone. Plus a variety of risks that may be encountered, such as predators.

"They're not going to be easy to face the open ocean," said Hugo Harrison, one of the authors of the study.

Harrison said that the reason for the clown fish dare to explore the open ocean due to the spread of the new environment is important. A long way from the place of origin of genetic diversity among fish memastika. Mixing genes also serves as the anticipation of extinction.

Thus, the struggle Marvin in Finding Nemo on the severity of life in the oceans may fit reality.
( Jason Bittel)via Jason Bittel – News Watch - National Geographic

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