Awesome International Greetings Culture You Must Know

Today, people usually greet each other with the word "hello" or "hi" when meeting with a man known as he accompanied a wave or a handshake. usually we are often greeted with the above word to friends and for more formal events using handshake. If you're meeting a parent or older family sometimes do a handshake?
Well this time there are some unique culture of greeting maybe you will be surprised because it may have never seen or heard of this tradition before? Let us read more about the 6 traditions unique greeting in the world.

1 Hongi 

Greetings with each other or touching the nose rubbing nose was usually done by the Maori living in New Zealand. Hail is known as the hongi. The meaning of the word "hongi" itself means sharing the breath.

2 Hand Clapping 

Movement applause greeting the night is a tradition in Zimbabwe. Men will clap their hands as a sign of greeting hello and goodbye to the woman with the flat of their hands. Quick pat could also mean greeting thank you.

3 Salam

The tradition of greeting this possible the one we often do. Greetings greeting tradition is Malay nation characterized by a simple handshake, but includes both hands to start the greetings. After shaking hands, their hands will be cut parallel to the chest. This movement symbolizes goodwill that you greet others with an open heart.

4. Kunik- Inuit

Greetings commonly called kunik is practiced in the area of ​​Alaska, Siberia and the surrounding areas where the Eskimos live. Greetings came from the tribe of Inuit traditional greeting. Almost similar to Hongi, traditional courtesies is also done by pressing the nose and upper lip with a sigh. The form of greeting like this is show compassion and done between family members or loved ones.

5. Step Handshake Botswana

In Botswana handshake is the normal greeting ritual, but they have 3 levels further. When starting a greeting, they will take a hand in the normal handshakes and the occasional swing it up and down. Secondly, after which they will thumb interlocked on the right arm, then holding it with both hands. And the third stage, with the thumb that is still connected, second hand lowered and end with the normal handshake.

6.Bow – Japan

Bow - Japan is a greeting that is done with bowed heads as a mark of respect to the older or fellow. This greeting is very often we see in the film japan or meeting.

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