Awesome Paints with Toothpaste

Ink painting with toothpaste- Cristiam Ramos or more often called in Ramos, he is a Mexican artist who paints using toothpaste. He is a very unique 34 year old man and he was able to create an amazing masterpiece paintings of toothpaste. Lots of celebrities and media who are interested in his art, and there are also some works of art with portraits of celebrities using anything other than regular toothpaste tube. Some of his famous works include paintings Robin Williams, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. It is amazing the paintings were made ​​from a smear of toothpaste. According to Ramos Painting using toothpaste is more difficult than using a normal ink or paint. Ramos spent a lot of time to create beautiful paintings and marvelous, he spent up to 200 hours and more than 30 tubes of toothpaste. '' It is very difficult to make this as toothpaste becomes very sticky and quick drying '' explained Ramos. via cristiamramosart

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