City with the Best performance in Asia

Shenzhen, a city in China is becoming the city with the best performance in Asia according to an index compiled by a world-class economic research firm, the Milken Institute.
In this research, Milken mengkolaburasikan amount of job creation, income generation and economic value of the industry in many Asian cities. A similar survey conducted in the United States (USA) for more than a decade.

"Shenzhen, a modern city which originally was a special economic applying that employs tens of thousands of people to produce and assemble Apple's iPhone for some electronic components for several other companies," explains Head of Research Milken Institute, Ross Devol, as quoted by CNBC,

"But then lately the city has experienced rapid growth fueled by high added value obtained from the city,"

Shenzhen is located in South China who enter into Guangdong province with a population reaching 15 million people.
Of the top 10 best performing city, 6 of which are cities in China. These cities are Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai.
Beyond that, Delhi, India ranked fifth memempati and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia occupies the sixth position. Singapore occupies the eighth position and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ranks ninth. via CNBC of Liputan6

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