Cruel incident of a teacher hitting a child's head to bleed

A teacher is a person whose attitude imitated the disciples. So naturally, if the teacher should be modeling good behavior and commendable. But this one teacher was terrible and widely criticized. Rude attitude of the teacher to make some of his students suffered severe injuries in the head to have to get intensive care in hospital. Sadly, the students who are victims do not understand why they are beaten.

Terrible events occurred in a school Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, China. A teacher named Lei Mingxiang beat four students wear textbooks. Blows were given very harsh and cruel because it makes students head hurt even crack in the cranium. Most large pupils aged 7 years and suffered the most severe injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital.

After the incident, Lei Ming xiang away with it and left his already blood drenched. Luckily, the teacher named Wang Qin discovered the child had fallen to the floor with a bleeding very much.

"I passed his room and heard the sound of crying. When I saw the boy lying on the floor, being frightened and full of blood, "said Wang Qin.

The teacher does not know the cause of Lei Ming Xiang beat students up so badly. During Lei Mingxiang regarded as a good teacher. After all he is only teaching 22 students in a small school. Prior to this incident, there was no sign of Lei Mingxiang violence.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, the students said they did not know why until beaten. They called in into the room and immediately attacked by Lei Mingxiang mercilessly. The police are conducting fishing effort. Lei Mingxiang is believed to have fled into the woods outside the city. via boombastis Reviews and translation by. maginezart

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