Facebook As Media For Learning

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  One of social media is very easy to learn is up. You can see a lot of Groups maybe you can ask according to your needs, for example if you want to get information about the 'scholarship' 'you can ask questions about scholarships in the forum. There are so many benefits that we can take from facebook, besides we can talk freely to the friends all over the world and camera chat, share informative status, but all things are positive and negative sides of all it depends on each individual person.
I also often ask questions in the forum facebook when I could not find an answer on the problem, there are many who responded to my question. For those of you are still not yet been run on your facbook must try! In addition to looking for a close friend you also have to look for a friend who is super hyper active and informative. How do I find a friend that informative? You can visit the group find a lot of friends ask or answer the question many problems. Of course the information is very important, good luck

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