Is Blind Man Can See in the dream?

Have you ever thought about a blind person can see in a dream? I thought is a blind person can see in a dream? and maybe some of us also have the same question that is blind people can see dreams? In the real life of a blind person can not see For people who are blind when born, they would not be able to see in his dreams. The reason is they have absolutely no illustration about how to see in real life like a normal eyed people.

But there are many people who are blind accidental or other things, is not born. So what do you think blind people can see dreams? Yes, if they had experienced themselves how to look at the real world.
Although it can be seen in a dream, a blind person is usually no longer dream in the form of images over time. The longer they suffer from blindness, the less their dreams also appear in the form of images.

Illustration of blind people sleeping

Uniquely, people who are blind since birth have a nightmare that turned out to have more than the normal person. The researchers speculate that the nightmare is actually a repetition of events that could potentially cause stress. So blind people often experience events that make them depressed so bad dream.
The study showed that blind people usually dream of being lost. They also often dream of getting hit by a car or lost a dog guide. Those are some things that often they fear. So most of the blind people can indeed see in a dream though the dreams they may not be as beautiful as a dream of a normal person  via BBC

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