ISIS Killed Women Iraq Activists

An Iraqi woman lawyer who is an activist for women's equal rights, were killed by militants ISIS after being detained and tortured for days. As reported on page nytimes, Friday, September 26.
Commissioner for human rights (Human Rights) UN Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, said lawyer named Sameera Ali Salih al-Nuaimy was abducted from his home and tortured for five days before it was executed.
While mentions by womannewsnetwork page, Sameera was abducted from his home in Mosul, Iraq, on September 17, related to his criticism on social media Facebook, the atrocities ISIS. She then was found guilty proselytizing religious Shari'a courts and shot to death in public, Monday, September 22. ISIS prohibit the husband and his family to bury properly.

UN inspectors in Iraq said it had received many reports of kidnappings and executions by militants ISIS women, especially educated women. At least 8,493 civilians were reportedly killed by militants ISIS, just in Iraq alone. But the UN has mentions number could be much larger, since many areas are still inaccessible.

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