Map of How Many Internet Users in the World and Where are Largest Countries Internet Users In The World?

Did you knows about where the State's Largest Internet users in the world?
The Internet is a need for technology and data, where almost all people need internet connection, but have you ever thought or ask about the state of Internet users in the world?
Today there are billions of websites that have been circulating on the Internet, and can be accessed from a variety of gadgets. Then what kind of penetration of the website itself in the whole world?
A study or research from the Oxford Internet Institute they created a map that shows the overview of penetration or websites throughout the world. In addition, they also create a map Ho many Internet users in different countries. It was amazing and worked hard to prove how many users Internet in the world.

China is one of the most populous nation in the world, in addition to the economic growth of these countries are higher than other countries. So no wonder, if half of all Internet users the world comes from China. Then followed by the United States, India and Japan. 
Heksagolan shaped on the map showed, how many populations in countries that can access the internet. Each hexagonal accounted for one-third of a million internet users. 
But for internet penetration and development, Europe is the largest, with more than 80 percent of all the Internet While Latin America has only about 40 percent. 
In the last three years, most of North Africa has a population growth of the internet has doubled. And it shows, if the internet will be a requirement in almost every country in the world.

Following is a report on Largest Internet user population in the world and there are now more than a billion websites and the researchers have created a map that shows just how far and wide through the world of those sites. 

This map was created by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute using 2011 data on web users and the number of population datasets from the World Bank. 
  Does not wonder China is now the largest user of the internet population in the world and Internet users are now more than half a billion and so followed by the United States, India, and Japan.
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