Mysterious Holes Discovered In Venus's atmosphere

Global warming and pollution caused much damage to the center of the earth and the natural system. One of the peaceful and safe place to stay is the earth. Planet Earth is special, different from the other planets in the solar system is the sun, especially the big difference between Earth and Venus. This was the first study showing evidence of a mysterious giant hole in the electrically charged layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere of Venus. In these observations, the magnetic environment looks more complicated than previous estimates which help scientists better understand the planet Venus.

Glyn Collinson, a space scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, according this study started since the discovery of the mysteries of Venus in 1978 The results of this study are published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, wrote the paper analyzes the Pioneer Venus Orbiter satellite moved into orbit around Venus and found something very strange, where holes in the Venus ionosphere is a region where the density is lower and no scientist has seen this over the last 30 years.

Venus Express was launched in 2006 and currently around polar orbiting Venus for 24 hours. This orbit at an altitude which is much higher than the Pioneer Venus Orbiter, Collinson and his team are not sure whether they will find a mysterious hole. At the same height mysterious holes still visible, it is proved that the hole extended further into the atmosphere. Mysterious hole is more common, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, just look at the hole at the time of increased solar activity, known as solar maximum. But Venus Express satellite is able to demonstrate the mysterious holes are also formed during low solar activity.

Scientists are trying to interpret what is happening to the planet Venus ionosphere, this requires understanding how Venus interacts with its environment in space. This environment is dominated by the flow of charged electrons and protons from the heated gas (plasma) that comes out of the sun. As the solar wind, traveling along the magnetic field carried by the plasma that can affect charged particles and magnetic fields other all the way to Venus. Like the Earth, where most areas are protected from radiation through the Earth's magnetic field is strong, but Venus does not have such protection.

Venus has the ionosphere, where the layer of the atmosphere filled with charged particles. This layer is bombarded solar wind, ionosphere result looks like the air flowing and formed a fine line in front of the planet as well as extended like a comet's tail, where the hole was located in the middle looks like a tube.
Venus Express has the tools to measure the magnetic field but not so adequate. When crossing the mysterious hole, the ionosphere surge magnetic field strength, while very cold particles flowing in and out of the hole, although with a much lower density than is generally seen in the ionosphere. Venus Express observations show two holes in the back of Venus, according to Collinson that some magnetic structures probably would cause charged particles will be suppressed in these areas.
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