'' Quantum of the Seas'' Is Biggest And grandest Ship in Germany

A new cruise ship "Quantum of the Seas" is very modern and amazing. there are some changes to this yacht one is leaving the place of manufacture at the company shipyard Meyer, in northern Germany.

Open the Gate Start
Giant cruise ship "Quantum of the Seas" is slowly but surely moving out of the space construction shipbuilding company Meyer in Papenburg. For the first time, the public could see the largest passenger ship ever built in Germany.

as reviews  via dw.de Quantum of the Seas is the largest ship that ever existed in Germany. These vessels may be more looks larger than other ships as "Queen Mary"
Quantum ships of the Seas is the third largest ship in the world and it took many months to make it. Length of 348 meters. Which means three feet longer than the "Queen Mary II," which is very famous. Both vessels 41 meters in width.

Last touch
In the coming weeks, the ship will still continue fitted equipment at the company shipyard Meyer. The idea is one hundred percent complete it this fall. This vessel ordered US company, Royal Carribbean International. To remove it from the space required five towboat construction and reliability in control.

The beginning of the success of the ship "Quantum of the Seas"
If everything goes according to schedule, the high-tech ship will reach the North Sea a few weeks away. For the Ems river to be dammed, to collect enough water so that the "Quantum of the Seas" can float. Maiden voyage will begin 2 November. The ship will leave for New Jersey, USA, through Southampton in the UK.
Review New Cruise Ship Increasingly Magnificent dw.de

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