Recently Dinosaur Species of Titanosaurs Discovered In Africa

Recently, scientists have announced their invention of one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever existed on earth, now they announce a new discovery is no less astonishing. Scientists discovered the species 'titanosaurs' in the African region.
As reported by Huffingtonpost, 09.09.14, giant herbivores called Rukwatitan Bisepultus estimated to have a total body weight of elephants, with a body length of about 30 meters from head to tail. Front limbs are expected to almost 7 meters.

Scientists from Ohio University found that animal fossils embedded in the wall of the cliff in southeast Tanzania. Team excavation spine, ribs, legs, and pelvis for several months and finally determined they were from species not previously known titanosaurs after making a detailed comparison of bone using CT scans.
"The findings of titanosaurs is rare in the African region, and will help resolve the question of the distribution and characteristics of what would later become one of the largest known land animals," said Paul Filmer, from the National Science Foundation, in a written statement.

"Make the most of sauropod titanosaurs chalk known, and have been found on every continent, but Africa has so far produced only four members of the fossil's body officially recognized." He continued.
According to the researchers, Rukwatitan possibility of exploring the area about 100 million years ago during the mid-Cretaceous period. The findings were published on September 8th ago in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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