Red Giant Leeches in Borneo

In Borneo, Leech Worms Swallow whole
So big, it no more leeches eat blood worms but eat the whole body

Leeches usually suck blood. In the jungle of Borneo, there is a large red leech that can swallow prey alive.

This is illustrated in a video produced by the BBC entitled 'Wonders of the Monsoon'. In the video, a large leech that crushed red blue worm, similar to that snake prey.

This creature is relatively new in the world of science that there is no name to represent it. However, residents in Mount Kinabalu know him as the Big Red Leech.
Red leech is classified as the largest in the world. The specimens were caught on camera having a length of about 30 centimeters. But experts believe that this leech can grow bigger.

So has grown large, red leech is no longer able to survive only by sucking blood. They eat worms and swallow it like a big blue man eating instant noodles. He eats worms can be longer, about 78 centimeters.

Before finding his victims, leeches detect the presence of worms by way of sniffing. He was silent for a while, watching and will swallow worms quickly. When eating, mouth gaping and direct leeches suck up all the blue worm body.
"As if the thought of leeches before their prey, where the end of the worm's body will be wiped out. They also measured, whether the victim is too large to be eaten or not. Currently the answer is found, the worm leeches begin to suck.'s Very unusual, "said the maker of the documentary, Paul Williams, as quoted by the Telegraph, Saturday, September 27, 2014.

In the video it is also recorded if the worm was revolted want to escape. But the stronger the red leech and worms continue sucked into his body until nothing remains totally.

This species is found on Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Borneo. These findings are characterized by many challenges. Documentary team worked closely with ecologists Alim Bium to find leech it.
sources vivanews, BBC

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