Red Samurai Clashing Juggling With The Stars Manchester United

The players of Manchester United, Radamel Falcao, show Eye and Marcos Rojo recorded midst of juggling clashing with a mysterious samurai.
Someone who calls himself 'Red Samurai' that appeared in United's Carrington training complex to challenge Manchester United trio retainer with an impressive set freestyling.
Although wearing a set of samurai warrior costume style in the 12th century, but the successful demonstration of skill samurai round leather processing. Falcao, Eyes and Rojo can not even seem to match the ability of freestyle juggling the Samurai.
I wonder who the person behind the costume, but it seems to AS Monaco on loan striker to Old Trafford during the season was quite fascinated by the action of the Samurai Red.
Curious to see the action of the players juggling United vs Samurai, the following via mancunianmatter

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