Review Species Extinction Happened In 1000 Times Higher Human Era

Species Extinction Happened In 1000 Times Higher Human Era
did you know that the great potential of global warming was greater the chances for species of animals and living creatures punal.
some studies say In recent years, the development of science go to fast several times more than ten years ago. As the present study, the scientists argue based on changes in the Earth's gravity is considered to be the main cause of species extinction. They find that extinct species of the dead and approximately 1000 times more frequently now than before the existence of humans.

According Jurriaan de Vos, a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University and professor of Duke University, that species extinction is about 1000 times more frequently today than it ever occurred 60 million years before the arrival of humans. The results of this study published in the journal Conservation Biology. The team of scientists argue, is very difficult to understand how bad the rate of extinction of species around the world that have occurred since the first mass extinction without knowing the cause before the emergence of human civilization. Ilmimah latest allegations suggest that the level of pre-human species extinction (before there was human) approximately 10 times lower, meaning humans on Earth after the extinction rate of sepsis is currently considered to be 10 times worse.

Species After Extinction More Human Existence 

There is little doubt in the minds of scientists, humans not only to witness the current species extinction rates soared. This paper also follows a study recently published in the journal Science, written by Pimm, Joppa and his team to track down where the species is threatened or limited to a small range around the world. In most cases, the main cause of the extinction of species due to human population growth and per-capita consumption, although the paper also noted how the man also had a role in environmental conservation.

De Vos expect their research will reinforce the urgency to preserve what is left and to try to reduce the impact of human this time exacerbated. According to calculations of scientists before the 1990s, the rate of the normal extinction starting from 0.1 per 1 million species extinction every year. In contrast, the current extinction rate is more than 100 extinctions per million species per year, 1000 times more frequent. 

This estimate increased as they were previously based on the fossil record. Fossil is an important source of information but shortcomings in the proportional representation of hard-bodied marine animals, and simply identify the animals or plants of the genus but not the species menghhitung derivatives.
source of reference via Extinctions during human era worse than thought

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