Shark Populations Are threatened Extinct Because of illegal Fisherman

Over the years, the government has struggled: Now there are five new species of shark on the protection list. You may fishing held only where there is sufficient population.

Acquired a bad reputation for all that around 500 colleagues of the white shark. In the film, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, seafood represented as animals, because in a few days four people were killed in the attack. However, statistically about five people die from shark attacks - and inadvertently year: because when he confused the people in the seal hunt.

More than the verge of eradicating Tiger and Snow Leopard
Needs some sort of twenty years to only a time to multiply, the probability is high that the fish is fished before. Accordingly, the production rate is missing. While you can breed in zoos tigers or snow leopards, which are also threatened with extinction, have you at sharks no possibility for portfolio management, argues NABU expert Finke. "Sharks can not be kept in aquariums even when they're gone, then the way gone forever. "

Away with them! 
Seven deadly shark attacks have occurred in the last three years in Australia. Therefore, the animals were fair game. Among the largest and supposedly most dangerous: Tiegrhaie, great white sharks and bull sharks. So far, 172 sharks were caught, killed about 50 very large and dangerous.

Indignant protest for freedom of sharks 
Shortly after the government announced a controversial decision known, thousands demonstrated against hunting sharks. Even one of the victims, who survived the attack only once, railed against the brutal actions.

Doubtful balance 
"I know that many Australians who love the sea, better protection against dangerous sharks on the beach is like," said the Prime Minister of Western Australia, Colin Barnett. Barnett also said to speak for divers, surfers, swimmers and families. However, many of them were surprised by the actions of the government.

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