Social media uproar with figure Beautiful Lecturer in Tiongkok, Chinese

possible when in college, you certainly ever feel so lazy to attend some courses classes. Reason boring courses, faculty are less attractive, good appearance and way of teaching seems to be a good reason for ditching college.
For that there are times where you choose courses with professors who "better", than how to teach or maybe even get a "bonus" a beautiful and handsome lecturers.

Recently was uproar in social media about a beautiful lecturers from China. Many people have talked about the beautiful Photo lecturers. This is a fortune that occurred at a campus in China. They should be grateful they have a beautiful lecturers, young and fashionable.

The presence of Ms. Du, professor of Japanese language, even making it to be moved to a larger class because of the many students who want to follow the courses they teach.

Currently University of Finance and Economic in the western part of China, where Miss Du teach begin crowded discussed in the online media. It started when photos of him uploaded to online media.

Photos Miss Du was first published on 16 September and reap many responses from netizens. Internet users expect to be taught the beautiful lecturers. review via

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