Some Animals participated in the Wars and very friendly with the Army

Maginezart, What do you think about the war? 
Guns, bombs, tanks and army, but this time I will talk about the unique animals when war. It may not be unusual if a pet such as a cat following the war, but now you can see some of the unique animals participating in battle and maybe they are the weapon or the best spy for the army.

PHOTO: A cat peeks out of the muzzle of a 6" gun on board HMAS Encounter during WWI. (AWM: 304910)

It's very funny cat in the cannon, maybe this is a task cat spy see more via

PHOTO: Driver Walter Farrell with his unit's mascot, a rooster named 'Jack'. (AWM: P01835.014)

What do you think about the chicken? This is the real one group of Australian soldiers adopt a chicken from egypt. and according to them this chicken is the best keeper of the dog. They gave the name of this chicken as '' Jack ''

The contribution of animals during WWI

See this cute Animals !! They followed the war you can see there are Dogs, Bird and Duck and they are very compact when starting to look the best spy.

He is a dog and a decorated combat gear. he followed the First World War and has participated in 17 battles in the West Fornt with American forces during the 18 months, wow was amazing. 

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