Superhero Costume On Wedding ceremony

Carlos Cruz and Kate they both come from New Jersey. In 2010 Kate and Carlos Cruz met at a karaoke night and they spend time together. Carlos Cruz is an active Pro student learn at Thomas Edison University. Carlos Cruz is a good man and a very diligent when Katie remembered that Carlos and his cousin's coming to every day to help clean the first floor because of flooding at the dam near the town of New Jersey they are damaged.
But a terrible experience just bring couples closer, and while they put the pieces back together, Carlos planned proposal. Superhero fans brought closer by superstorm have comically good time in New Jersey real wedding via As Photography kathleenhertel

On Christmas Day the same year, she visited the homes of Carlos for Karlos and all the family get together, they are very happy to have a new partner.
"He turned one of the worst year of my life be the best year," said Katie. "There are ups and downs, it's crazy."  They come and gather to plan the wedding, then on the 18th of May, 2014 is their wedding.

On the day of the wedding, photographer Kathleen Hertel had a surprise for the bride.
He called me the day the wedding and said, "if you're up for it, I had a wonderful idea," recalls Katie. What followed was a superhero-themed photo shoot with the wedding party.

After the fun comes the ceremony, which was held at St Mary's Church. "When he was walking down the aisle, which is basically the best part of the wedding," said Carlos.
They later married and is very unique because of they and their friends use Costume Super Hereo. The reception was held at the Lake Valhalla Club, the waterside in Montville, NJ that Katie and Carlos fell in love with.

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