Teens Find A Blue Lobster

A teenager who was fishing with his father catch lobsters is blue. Meghan Laplante, the name of 14-year-old teenagers, found that lobsters are very rare. "It's very surprising. I never thought to find something like this," said Laplante as reviewed by Reuters.
Blue lobster was found in the area of ​​Pine Point, Scarborough, England. Laplante was named the lobster "Skyler". According to him, Skyler blue symbolizes the sky and also the name of his favorite.

Lobster usually bluish green or greenish brown. Blue lobster is only one among the 2 million other lobsters..
The blue color is caused by a genetic mutation lobster. Mutation causes the production of a particular protein in excess amount. Laplante plans to donate it to the rare lobster Maine State Aquarium.
 source review via reuters

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