The discovery of 5,200 Years Old Coins in Mount Padang Indonesia

Metal coins found at the site of Mount Padang (Indonesia), Village Karyamukti, Campaka subdistrict, Cianjur. (Indonesia) team of scientists who discovered the claim, the coin was 5,200 years old.

Vice Chairman of the National Research Mount Padang Field Archaeology, Ali Akbar, ensuring that the coins were found on Mount Padang is a pure artifact. Because the coins are man-made. However, the coin was not money, but a talisman.

Mount Padang megalithic site in the village of Karyamukti, Campaka subdistrict, Cianjur regency, West Java (Indonesia), On May 30th 2014 Mount Padang Independent Research Team revealed that the site was built by four different cultures, the oldest age estimated to be 10,000 years old.

"The diameter of the metal is 17 millimeters, while the diameter of the circle in the middle of about 10.5 millimeters metals. As the metal thickness is 1.5 millimeters. For the material, bronze because it does not have the expected effect of the magnetic field,"

Ali said, brownish green artifacts allegedly subjected to oxidation was estimated to very old age. It was seen from the depth of 11 meters artifact buried under the porch five sites of Mount Padang.

"Reference as if to see its depth, the age of these artifacts can be above 5,200 BC. Because of the results of the study, the age of a layer of soil that we found ranged 500-5200 BC. Ages 5200 BC it was for soil layer at a depth of four meters," said Ali. via kompas 

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