The Discovery of Giant Hole in Yamalo-Nenets, Yamal Peninsula

The first expedition at the scene, scientists take pictures of the hole including a dark pattern on the inner edge. They also use Russian satellite images to fix the results of the survey when the hole is formed. They find a mysterious hole measuring about 70 meters which has a lake beneath the ice, the water flows down the wall eroding permafrost his.

Mysterious hole as wide as 70 Meters In The 'End of the World'
It is a mysterious and very rare phenomenon in the world's civilization. Mysterious hole found in Yamalo-Nenets, Yamal Peninsula '' May be'' have been caused by aliens, meteorites, stray missiles, or underground gas explosion due to global warming. At least the theory and the suggestion has been peppering finding mysterious holes as wide as 70 meters. On this Sunday the team of scientists and a reporter from The Times Siberia phenomenal take incredible pictures of heights by using  helicopter and it turns out they found a mysterious giant hole.

Analysis About the Mysterious Hole Yamalo-Nenets 

The team of scientists involved continued to insist, that the mysterious hole that is a natural phenomenon. Scientists propose further studies to understand the formation of the mysterious crater lake Studded Yamal, which translated in the local language as 'End of the World'. According to Andrey Plekhanov, a researcher at the State Scientific Centre of Arctic Research said a mysterious crater shaped more oval than circular, it is more difficult to make a team of scientists to calculate the right diameter. And till now estimated width of approximately 30 meters.

Mysterious Hole '' crater at the end of the world ''

Scientists say with certainty that under the influence of internal processes are impulse permafrost. Mysterious hole was not caused by an explosion, but the ejection, so that no heat is released when it happens.
Exploration in the mysterious hole, scientists have taken samples of soil and ice to the laboratory to be tested. The crater is thought to be relatively new, probably formed 1 or 2 years ago. Two summers before that occurred in 2012 and 2013 is relatively hot region Yamal lake, this weather probably have influenced the formation of the crater. The best theory to date, the mysterious holes formed by something that comes from the internal forces, and not external.

Other theories were ever analyzed in the 1980s, that the Yamal lake formed by natural processes that occur in the ice sheet. As the type of process that happened about 8000 years ago and probably sata repeating the same event. Not found traces of anthropogenic impacts near the crater, because there was no trace of human presence except for a few traces of sledge and deer footprints.

The world has never seen such a mysterious hole though scientists have been incorporated into the Yamal many times. Scientists assert, they did not find a mysterious here, all of it just the law of nature accompanied by the internal pressure and temperature changes. Ice on the crater wall will continue to melt, water will be gathered and will be frozen at the bottom of the crater. If the water flow to intensify due to hot weather in July, then this hole does not have enough time to freeze water in it, so it will lead to the formation of new lakes.

While, Anna Kurchatova found mysterious holes formed by water, salts and mixtures of gas trigger an underground explosion, the result of global warming. Gas accumulates in ice mixed with sand under the surface, and that this process is mixed with salt that occurred about 10,000 years ago, which proves peroide this area was once a sea. Review of siberiantimes by title First pictures from inside the 'crater at the end of the world' Copyright by.

You Can Watch Videos giant hole in Yamal

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