The story of 4 persons who were married with dog

It may not make sense or beyond the logic of a man to marry animals?
But this is the fact there are some people who deliberately marrying animals for several reasons and reasons of sexual disorders. This time I am interested to review a little about the humans who married a dog.

indian person marries dog to ward off evil spirits (2003)

Karnamoni Handsa is a nine-year-old girl when the chief asked him to marry a dog as part of the ritual of exorcism. Handsa is part of the Santhal tribe. And in him, according to the tribal belief, there are signs of evil spirits. The only way to cast it is by marrying a dog. 
Then, on June 11, 2003 Handsa was coupled with a dog on top of the altar. The good news, tribal elders said that marriage does not affect subsequent Handsa life. The girl may marry again, of course, with humans, without having to divorce the dog. source of reference via bbc uk 

2.Australian Youth marry his dog so as not to 'sin' (2010)

In December 2010, Joseph Guiso, a young 20-year-old Australian, married his own pet dog he called his best friend. Dog types that five-year-old labrador named Honey, and they both have to live with for a long time.
Guiso reasoned, he married Honey because of religious reasons. He felt guilty staying with the bitch without any ties. So he invited relatives and close friends to be witnesses of his marriage with the dog. Approximately 30 people were present at Toowoomba's Laurel Bank Park, where the wedding procession held Guiso-Honey.via dailymail

3. A grandfather in Nepal married to his lucky dog (2004)

A 75-year-old grandfather in Nepal married to his lucky dog. In addition, because marriage is performed according to the beliefs of Iharu.

4. Indian man married dog to remove the curse (2007)

That said at the age of 18 years, Selva Kumar stoned two dogs to death who was intercourse. Not just kill, Kumar even went so far as to hang the two animals in a tree. Since then she felt her life was plagued misfortune.
Both hands and feet last kumar is defective. He also then have to give a deaf ear. Unable to bear with all the physical torture, Kumar then went to a psychic to ask for a solution. Answer the paranormal? "Marry a dog."
So, there you go. In November 2007 Kumar married with 10-year-old dog named Selvi.

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