The Ugliest And Weirdest Animals in the World

People are certainly very like with cute animals such as kittens, puppies, rabbits and all the other cute animals, but what happens if you look ugly and hideous animals?
This time maginezart menulas some of the ugliest animals in the world. via

1.The blobfish

The first is the ugliest animal blobfish
what it blobfish? strange animals such as jelly and more looks like a bald man angry. blobfish live on an island in Tasmania Australia  lived in a depth of 1,200 meters. it ate crab, oysters and often stuck in the nets of fishermen

2.The axolotl

Strange animals and ugly axolotl salamander Amphibian kind found in Mexico, but the axolotl is the strangest animals and near-threatened.

3.Titicaca scrotum frog

Titicaca scrotum frog is a kind of strange frog with pleated leather
found in lake titicaca as the name suggests is the city peru and bolivia

4.The proboscis monkey

Monkey king alive in Indonesian Borneo forest nicknamed "Dutch" because they think the Dutch have the same big nose.

5.The kakapo

6.The dugong

dugong strange animals live in the coastal waters of northern Australia, or often known as' sea cow ''

7.The naked mole rat

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