Top 5 Tips for Buying Property & What's things you Must do before buying property?

Are you planning to buy a house or property?
There are many ways you can do and finding a dream home. The housing art exhibitions, or through ads in magazines, newspapers, advertising stickers, or even the internet. All this means each has advantages and shortage. This time I will share tips and ideas to buy Property.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Property 

 5 things you Must do before buying property via dailymail

1 Budget For Property

Of course the budget is main priority before you buy something. Know your needs and your budget if you have a big family, then you have to adjust the it. Budget is an important consideration in buying property If buying on credit, make sure you have enough down payment of at least 30-80 percent of the price for the house. the amount of the down payment can be lower. In order to stay healthy financial condition, make sure also that the total amount of mortgage debt including mortgage repayments later a maximum of 30 percent of the combined income of you and your partner.

2 Ensure the condition of property would you buy 

Some things to check include wall condition, the roof and ceiling, air circulation, lighting, electricity and water, doors, floors, bathrooms, drains and so on. If anyone is in need of renovation, estimate what the numbers are still within limits.

3. The validity of documents and letters of buying and selling property 

Never buy a property that has a problem in their ownership status. Make sure what you want to buy property has had a complete papers. Check the authenticity of the certificate of property, building permits certificate, proof of tax on land and building is done re-checking in all documents.

4 Research price

Do a price comparison research. That could be the point of which is the price of a house in a nearby The housing complex. You can also visit a real estate agent to determine the market price in the area. Another source is the residents around the complex.

5. Think again

You should think carefully before buying a home that you want. Find out the complete data and ask your partner or friends about the property that you will buy now. Invite your partner to see and check the property.

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