Tsumugi Minimalist Storage Boxes by Ideaco Osaka Japan

Tsumugi is minimalist box is designed and manufactured by the company ideaco in Osaka Japan. minimalist and dainty box made ​​of wood that serves as a business card, pens, sticky notes or records dizziness.
Subject to the approval of the Japan Office of the Japanese brand owners recommend IDEACO Tsumugi designed with elegance and charm. Box made ​​of wood can be either business cards or office supplies like. Paperclip Or the minimalist design notes and practical, but also saves space as well. Boxes can be stacked into layers or to divide it pleases me. Try to see what it looks like to do. It's very cool and amazing a tiny wooden box used sebgai place business cards in the office. In addition to a very small and minimalist space-saving box.

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