Two Frameworks Found Over 700 Years

Two human skeletons were found with the condition of holding hands in a chapel yard at Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. Chapel of St. Morrel is a place of pilgrimage during the 14th century and the ancient sites Hallaton long lost. 
As reported by Dailymail, 9/16/14, two skeletons were found among nine other skeleton during excavations. The possibility of the discovery of the location of these frameworks is a funeral chapel in the area used for pilgrims who died.

"We have seen a similar framework of Leicester where the couple previously had been buried together. The main reasons that may underlie why they are buried there, there is a church that is very good at Hallaton. Maybe it's some kind of a special place. "Said Vicky Score, an archaeologist from the University of Leicester. via onvsoff

Framework are both believed to be of the same age, but Vicky said further analysis is needed to determine how old they were at the time of death. 
The reason why people are not burying them in the Chapel at the main church in the village, is not known with certainty. However, there is a possibility that this is a special burial place for pilgrims.

Chapel of St. Morrell is a pilgrimage site in Hallaton, Leicestershire, during the 14th century. Location chapel unknown prior to the study conducted by local historian, John Morison.
Besides the nine framework, a number of silver coins from the 11th century until the 15th century have also been found at the site indicating when the chapel was used. Vicky hopes the discovery will fill the gap in knowledge between the Roman and medieval periods.

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