Video Popeye 3D version is very funny

Popeye 3D version is very funny
For you fans of Popeye now you should be excited because now Popeye will come with a 3D version what possible? Let's look at some of the following explanations!
Sony Pictures Animation has just released the new Popeye animated footage. Interestingly, this time the cute-faced sailor was packed in three-dimensional format. Nuance hilarious was still visible from the long video.

Genndy Tartakovsky is expressed by tenants as animation, "This is not a clip or not a trailer and this is not something from the movie will appear in the future but, all are temporary and are still in the trial."

in the 3D version of Popeye Video Shows many chaotic scenes yet inviting laughter like the animated series of two-dimensional version of the classic. Popeye and Olive themselves look more alive and real without wasting any cartoon characteristics.

Although the film or video Popeye 3D version is still in the trials or temporary, but a lot of love with this video !! Very impressive, especially the Popeye fans they seem enthusiastic about watching the video, all seen in a video on youtube with a duration of 3:37 Here's !!

New Video Popeye 3D version

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