Walking freely Between Dangerous Plants

As part of the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-Sur Domaine of-Laoire, France, team collaboration and architecture chalotte Trillaud Lucien Puech create 'les fleurs maudites' or 'interest damned'. Responding to the theme of the show, namely 'the seven deadly sins' or 'seven deadly sins', visitors are invited to take a stroll through the winding walkways and enclosed by a wire fence.

Installation of the track was done in the middle of the park in its history 'unloved' because in it grew the plants contain dangerous substances. Collection of these plants contain substances such as psychotropic, narcotic, and entheogen plants. Source: www.designboom.com

The plants is limited by the mesh to indicate that these plants dangerous. The labyrinth of nets connecting the panels present the history of each plant. This is the end of the maze thorny tree that is not covered by nets.

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