Watching the Concert Lights Flashlight in Germany

There is no moon hanging in the sky Berlin, but in Walbuehne corner, near the Berlin Olympic stadium, bright visible light. Not a star, but of the thousands of flashlight that surrounds the stage.
From a distance, the flashlight looks like fireflies that light up the night. However, when examined more closely, the sound of pounding music.

That picture Taschenlampen or concert Konzert flashlight that has become its own art institutions in Berlin, Germany.Taschenlampen Konzert began in 2009 and initiated the band from Berlin, Rumpelstil. Citing official website, initially, they want to hold a concert that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient without floodlights. For that, they called on the visitors to bring a flashlight. No warning, the visitors were very enthusiastic. Thousands of people who come to create a unique light. The crowd was not just adults. In fact, the children become the biggest audience. They look so happy shine a flashlight into the air and sing along Rumpelstil, who refers to himself as a family band.

"Rumpelstil want Taschenlampen Konzert be a concert for the family that can be celebrated by the entire family. They can come out together, playing with the flashlight and have fun with music, "says vocalist Rumpelstil Elliz Blanche.

Five years later, Taschenlampen Konzert has now become one of the tourist destinations in Berlin. This year, the flashlight concert takes place on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

As in previous years, Taschenlampen Konzert begins at dusk last seen streaking across the sky. When a darkened universe, thousands of flashlight into the light source. The visitors came with a blanket, pillow and flashlight.
They are free to singing, dancing or just swaying slowly follow the rhythm of the song.

See photos Taschenlampen Konzert photographer who immortalized Hannibal Hanschke from Reuters below:

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