What do you think when a Chef Create Burger Human Flesh Taste?

For most chefs or cooks, creativity is absolutely done, so that the food can vary. Not just a matter of course seasoning, food ingredients have been created are often unique and very tasty.

As for the taste of meat, usually we will offer diverse, ranging from cows, chickens, goats until pork. But what would happen if the meat is served, has a taste similar to human flesh? Maybe we will shudder when eating.
This is what happened to one of the chefs in east London. Where a chef called James Thomlinson create meat-like taste to human flesh. It may sound strange, or you are curious about the taste?

The burger meat is made from a mixture of veal, chicken liver, bone marrow and pork, with such composition. So it seems to resemble human flesh.

Thomlinson own creative with this meat, thanks to research on the citizens of New York in 1920 and asked for a piece of human flesh had died from a physician. In addition, he was also inspired by the TV series, "The Walking Dead."

"The food I serve is inspired from a combination of fresh produce, and which I also terinpirasi of strange words cannibals, and it feels similar to tuna meat but better," said Thomlison which we have quoted from the Mail Online.

You will you taste this burger meat? If yes, chef Thomlinson began presenting Tuesday, September 30 at the upcoming restaurant in east London. via .dailymail uk

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