What happens If the City Lost of the Air?

What happens If the City  Lost of the Air? 
Warning level has been orange in Beijing. Since a few days ago, the dark clouds threatening the city. 'Smog' or smoke fog known to many people. But what exactly is smog?

The smoke haze is now very difficult for big city dwellers live Beijing and New Delhi, blocking the view, make sick can even cause death. According to studies the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing is now categorized as "barely habitable".

Situation That Could Smog 
Air pollution is formed, for example, if the air in the winter low temperature approached a city like Berlin or London. The cool air then slipped under a layer of warm air, which is collected on the town. Because cold air is more dense, hence heavier, and are close to the ground. 
The warm air finally form a sort of dome over the city. As a result, the air exchange does not happen again. This situation is called inversion is the first condition for the occurrence of smog. The second condition is the air pollution that often occur in urban areas.

Risks Due to Air Pollution 

"Most people do not know how dangerous the smoke haze," said Benedikt Steil of the Max Planck Institute for chemistry in Mainz. Each year, in Germany alone more than 40,000 people die from diseases caused by air pollution. The amount is ten times higher than deaths due to traffic accidents. 
But not only dirty air in New Delhi and Beijing are becoming a risk to inhale. Long-term danger due Particulate, The Ozone, NOx and sulfur dioxide can cause respiratory illness or cancer. In addition to lung cancer, the risk is also high added for kranker bladder. Thus the results of cancer research studies international body, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2013. 

The risks to health are higher in large cities in developing countries, rather than in industrialized countries. Air chemistry expert Benedikt Steil said, "Most of the harmful particles formed by combustion processes in power plants and the installation of the motor." He added that another process must be found to produce a clean-burning energy or by using a filter system. In 2000 alone, Beijing produces about 2.7 million tons of carbon monoxide, so that more than Portugal. Subsequent analysis showed, in New Delhi 80% of emissions come from power plants that use coal. via BBC UK Beijing smog: When growth trumps life in China

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