What's Really Ancient Babylon Was Founded by King Belus of Egypt?

what's really Ancient Babylon was founded by King Belus of Egypt?

Before we answer the question much to let us know who the real founder of the kingdom of ancient Babylon? According to some discoveries in the history of the texts mentioned, once that King Nimrod and Queen Semiramis they are as the founder of ancient Babylon, but there is some evidence of other texts which states that Egypt is much older, where King Belus of Egypt moved a little market area to establish a new kingdom, Babylonians ancient.

Siculus said, King Belus of Egypt left Egypt with colonies and settled near the river Euphrates. Pausanias an expert on Greek and geography in 110 AD states that King Belus (Babylonian) using his name in Egypt, after the manner of the Egyptians he was exempt from taxes so they can devote themselves to study and observe the sky Astrology.

King Belus of Egypt, founder of Ancient Babylon

According to several studies that Belus regarded as a mighty king who founded the ancient Babylonians? A historian of the Roman he is Eusebius writes about all areas of Babylon in the first water / river and the sea is called. But King Belus ended, and complete the task in each region and to build walled Babylon, then at the appointed time he disappeared. After that period, Nebuchadnezzar is said to have continued and built a wall that remains intact during the Macedonian Empire equipped with brass gates.

Herodotus had visited Babylon and said that the city was laid out like a square with sides of 12 miles. The whole city is surrounded by walls as high as 350 feet and 87 feet thick, built with large bricks and cemented with bitumen. The town also includes a large ditch filled with water, the soil excavated from the trench excavation which is used to create a giant brick wall. Town of Babylon has 100 brass gates, 25 gates were placed on each of four sides, between the two gates there are three towers above the ten-meter high wall. Euphrates River divides the city into two parts connected by a bridge 60 meters wide. Babylonian city centers also was built fort, stands the palace of the king and the shrine of Jupiter..........................................

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