What's Reetwo on Facebook? And How To Use It?

Nowadays a lot of social media and release a few months ago That's Reetwo app. I minute visited there for see how to use the it, but I'm more like facebook. there are only a few days my friend asked about Reetwo. '' Did you use reetwo app? '' Well I said I ever used it, but for now Never.

Here you will get points for every greeting or introduction, You will be asked several questions and you can answer the suit you want ...

As the social media you can also see the identity, Photo Album Etc.

You can see some of the icons Above? Each icon has a different function, such as picture mail function it is for check the inbox or incoming mail. I can not explain all because of too much, if you are interested you can use this application for Free,  Reetwo via facebook
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