10 Bands The best and richest in the world

10 Bands The best and richest in the world
There are so many Bands in the world about which bands are the most richest in the world? Group Bands such as The Beatles, Queen, and Led Zeppelin Very Popular in they each era and the strains of beautiful music with their distinctive melodies make them recognized in the music world.

Each band has a different fame and we also thought of the wealth they earn during his prime. Although most of the names in the following list are no longer active in the music world, their names still live forever in the hearts of loyal fans.

For those of you who are curious about Bands richest let's  discussion who are richest band in the world?
Here's 10 richest band in the world based on official sales figures are compiled from various sources.


ABBA is Swedish pop band disco. Releasing his first album in 1972, they produced a number of hits lasting kinds of "Fernando" and "Dancing Queen. Although only active for 10 years, ABBA has sold 58 million albums worldwide, and earned $ 300 million of total album sales, royalties, concerts, and copyrights.


Everyone knows about this band it is the Queen is one of the many British bands are very popular and are now enrolled in category until be richest band in the world and release her first album in 1973, the singer of the band "Love of My Life" and "Bohemian Rhapsody "fronted Freddie Mercury has sold at least 61 million albums worldwide, and grossed $ 200 million of the total sales of albums and concert tickets.

3.The Rolling Stones

Rock and blues band British band is very identical with vocalist he is Mick Jagger. The band sold almost 66 million albums. and the band with the hits "(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction" has been working since 1962, and achieved total revenues of $ 200 million includes album sales and concert tours around the world.


Aerosmith has been around since 1970, better known as the band vocalist, Steven Tyler, is the American rock band with the highest sales in history. band singer Armageddon soundtrack song, "Do not Wanna Miss A Thing" has sold 66.5 Million albums since its emergence in 1970 of their total revenues reached $ 150 million.

5.AC / DC 

AC / DC is an Australian rock band. The band that the album Back in Black become the top-selling albums, has been around since 1973, the band reached its heyday in the 70s - 80s. AC / DC has sold 71 million albums with a total revenue of approximately $ 200 million.

6.Pink Floyd 

Pink Floyd is another British band on this list, they are active musically since 1965 - 1996 band who retired recently, the album has sold as many as 74.5 million copies and earned a total revenue of $ 250 million during the three decades of their careers in the music industry. But unfortunately, they end up broke.

7.The Eagles 

The Eagles, an American rock band has popular with "Hotel California" has sold 100 million albums worldwide and earned revenue of $ 250 million. Band of soft country-rock and the like is just music for 9 years in the 70s.

8.Led Zeppelin 

Hard rock and heavy metal British singer of "Stairway to Heaven" that all these people know setidaknya11,5 million albums sold around the world in a span of 12 years (1968-1980). Led Zeppelin album is the best selling Led Zeppelin IV, which contributes as much as 37 million pieces of the total sales. The band has generated $ 300 million throughout his career.

9. U2

U2, Irish band with vocalist, Bono has sold more than 150 million albums worldwide. band who recently released his album for free through iTunes has spawned 12 albums since her debut in 1976, and has resulted in $ 878 millions.

10.The Beatles 

Who does not know the Beatles? Rock and roll band from the UK fronted by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and George Harrison is now no need to doubt. band is probably the most popular throughout the universe is also the richest band in the world. Proved by carrying as many as 250 millions album sales pieces, although many are calling if in fact they have sold 600 million copies. It is estimated that the Beatles earn as much as $ 600 millions during its heyday (1960-1970).

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