3 Reasons Why You Should Replace bed linen mattress?

Main Reasons You Should Replace Bedsheet?
Every day we slept on the bed, of course we have to maintain the cleanliness and especially the Bedsheet. Bed linen which be the base for us to sleep of course be aware of cleanliness, especially for children. Nonetheless, there are several other medical reasons that reinforce the reason why you have to replace the bed linen regularly here are the 3 reasons why you need to replace the mattress bed linen?

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1. Dead skin cells or sweat Invite Mites
When we are sleeping, especially at night our body cells repaired and refurbished with new cells, as well as the skin.
The remains of the dead skin we must stick to the sheets that we use, although not visible to the naked eye. Remains of dead skin is what will make the bed linen is a popular place mites.

Mites are microscopic animals that can not be seen with unaided eye. Mites are common in house dust. Carried dust mites and bed linen will be perched on the remains of dead skin that are in there so that the bed linen were seldom changed will contain a lot of mites. 

This is a kind of mite infestation, which in some people can not stand or are allergic to them remove secretions. because, seldom changing bed linen can cause itching, especially for people who are allergic to dust mites. Dust off the bed linen even when inhaled can cause asphyxiation.

2. The cause of scabies mites are 
One disease that is emerging from the dirty condition of the bed is scabies. Scabies mites are present because of the emergence of fleas in the bed or old ones are not cleaned. 
Scabies is a form of skin disease caused by a parasitic mite sensitization to Sarcoptes scabiei var minor, hominis and its products.

3. bed linen Moist Being Prickly Germs and Fungus
In addition, when the bed is not seldom, especially when we sweat in the heat. The sweat on the bed linen can cause moisture to be a place favored by bacteria and fungi. Replace and washing bed linen regularly will certainly reduce our chances of contracting various diseases.
And if it can happen also in the apparatus beds are in the room, air-conditioned, air conditioned room which is actually less risk of inviting moisture and tends to dry. The answer is the same. Although it feels dry, the moisture content of the invisible and its development can not diet measured except by sophisticated devices. So, for the prevention of overall strongly advised to begin routine keep clean of your bed. reference via klikdokter

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