3 Top Safest Tourist Destination International Countries

Are you and Traveling adventure hobby?
Sometimes if you want to traveling abroad or out of town, we are often constrained by the government's travel warning may be due to the destination country are in conflict or assistance may not be safe. So, how do I find out the destination countries are safe?
Every year since 2007, the agency's Global Peace Index released data on the safest countries in the world. A calculation based on the measured data of their external and internal.
Although is now trend of rising crime, but there are 3 countries that are categorized as the safest in the world.
Well on this opportunity I will share the information with category 3 country safe to tour .....

3 Top Safest Tourist Destination International Countries

1. Denmark

Denmark is often go the top five countries with the safest conditions. The thing that makes them a subscription list of safe countries, because citizens greater focus be on economic development rather than defending the country. This was evident when the Nazis occupied Copenhagen in World War II, there was no significant resistance is done. Danish, the designation for the Danes, known as community-friendly, open, and happy to help. Well, so remember the phrase in the book of old Civics on the characteristics of Indonesian society huh?


Although this country been rocked the massacre that killed more than 80 lives, caused by a bomb planted man named Anders Behring Breivik, but it does not erode public confidence in the world, that the country is still one of the safest places on earth. The proof of Global Security Index Norway is still high, the community was known moderate, plus the Oslo government (central government they) maintain the security of citizens properly.


Singapore is known as One of the small and prosperous country. and Singapore is also known as a country active in many international activities. Since acquiring its independence in 1965 Singapore always maintain good relations with Asian countries is rare to hear there is a conflict between Singapore and neighboring countries. People are known as a hard worker, and not anti to newcomers. In fact, the statistics of suicide and crime is very small. Besides expressed as the safest country in Southeast Asia, the country also received recognition as one of the healthiest countries.

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