4 Ways to Balance Work and Life

For those of you who live a busy and sometimes can not balance time between work and life, especially with family. Very busy even very limited time for vacation and holiday time possible that you may spend to relax now just to finish the pending work at the office? Think about it, when was the last time you used the time off for holidays?

Many people are difficult to divide time between work and time to relax and enjoy life with  family? 
For those who are difficult to divide time between work and family time, maybe you can try the following 4 tips.

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Here are 4 tips that you can do to make your life more balanced

1.Create a schedule 

When you create a weekly schedule, make sure there is time for family, friends, and activities for the mind and physical relaxation. When you take the time and schedule, turn off your smartphone and enjoy togetherness with family and friends.
Or you can get up early 3 hours before going to work so that you have time to exercise or talking moment with family.

2. Use the best time

Many people waste a lot of time when working hours such as gossiping or smoking. Try this: be on time. While at work, focus on the completion of the work, do not waste time opening and reading status on social media.

3. Exercising

It is difficult to take time out of our busy to exercise. But the benefits of exercise is also a lot to improve the energy and focus when working. Try to exercise at least one hour each day to pep up your work.

4. Relaxation 

Do not assume that you have to do drastic changes to the dividing of time. Try to start things like realistic home on time one day a week.
Build activity slowly is very important to you. You could spend an hour each week for a hobby or go together family.
In fact, also recommended to take a 10-15 minutes to recharge your body such as bathing, reading, listening to music or anything that could trigger the spirit of your life.

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