4 Ways to Improve Memory Sharpness

Memory is often a reason to forget something, especially for the busy working in the office, of course you have concentration and memory is very important to support success of your work. One's memory will decrease with age and debilitating diseases like dementia are common memory in old age.
However, that does not mean weakening memory was no solution.Some of the activities it can make a person's memory becomes sharp, According to Readers Digest There are 4 ways to improve the sharpness of memory.

4 Ways to Improve Memory Sharpness

1. Active learning new things 

The gerontologist Journal revealed that the active process of learning new things to improve the ability brain. so if you want your memory to be sharp, do a lot of new things to activate brain.

2. Games strategy 

Some people assume it's stupid to play games, but there are some games that we can take to sharpen the memory like a puzzle, adventure etc. according to a study from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, several types of games can improve mental health. For example, the person who play physics puzzle can improve concentration, skill, and adaptable to new situations. It will be different when compared to someone who plays video games. so the game is challenging as it pertains to the strategy is strongly recommended to improve memory.

3. Stay away from foods with high sugar content

For those of you who are now like the high sugar content foods that maybe you should reduce it as dangerous to health of your memory is also impaired
According to a study of the Charite University Medical Center, sugars and excess carbohydrates can interfere with the brain's performance. Healthy people with low sugar levels are easier to memorize when compared to someone who is a high sugar content.

4. Having enough sleep

Based on studies conducted by researchers from New York University School of Medicine, when going to sleep one's mind to recall what had happened all day. This makes sleep can improve memory.

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