5 Types Of white Fluffy Dogs

Do you like Pets? For pet lovers, especially dogs, of course you really like the cute and smart dog? What type of color? What color do you like about dogs Pet? This time we have reviewed 7 cute dogs with beautiful white fur.


Maybe for you dog lovers this is a cute white fluffy dog, the most striking characteristic of the Samoyed dog fuzz is bright and white.


Very cute little dog is literally covered with fine hairs neat white. Unlike the Samoyed, this type has a single layer and do not have a bottom layer. Long feathers on his head and is usually tied to seem cute.

3.West Highland White Terrier 

This cute dog has bright white fur. Its fur consists of a soft bottom layer and the top layer is hard and stiff that it is intended to protect the dog from the fox teeth and other elements.

4.Bichon Frise

This cute little dog nan has a history as a dog of the French nobility in the 16th century, and later became a funny circus dog. This dog has white fur and baby doll face that makes it popular among a lot of the Spanish royal family.

5.American Eskimo

Nordic crossbreed dog, American Eskimo, is famous for its unique bright feathers which white, triangular ears.

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