5 Great Jobs that Done Brain When You sleeping

When we sleeping our brain was not made ​​to stop work or activity. According to research when we sleeping our brains work with active and can provide tremendous impact to our lives.
According to Huffington Post, the number of studies have identified that sleep inghas an important role for cognitive health and the human body. Here are five of the brain that work can only be done when the body's sleeping.

5 Great Jobs that Do Brain When You Sleeping

1. Make a decision 

When we sleeping, the brain processes the information it received and use this information to make decisions on when awakened later. This is according to the journal, published in Current Biology.

2. Create and connect memories 

When we sleeping, brain activity to try to form link between the new memories  and old memories. By the time bedtime is reduced, this can affect hipocampus a brain region involved in making memories. Therefore, according to Dr. Matthew Walker of the University of California Berkeley, lack of sleep can decrease your ability to learn new things by 40 percent.

3. Create a creative connection

Not only when we activity, it turns out Power creativity can be enhanced when we sleeping.According to research in 2007 from the University of California Berkeley found that people who wake up about 33 percent are more likely to make connections between ideas that seem far, but it's actually interesting idea.

4. Cleaning the brain

In addition to work optimally, sleeping also seems to help the brain make corrections. According to researchers from the University of Rocheseter found that during sleep the brain to work cleaning the molecules that damage brain associated with neurodegeneration.

If we do not get enough sleeping, the brain does not have enough time to clear toxins potentially accelerate neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

5. The brain learn and remember how to perform physical tasks

The brain has the ability to process information received when awakened. This means that brain can save the information in the long run. Sleeping it makes brain learn and remember variety of new physical movements such as driving, swinging a tennis racket or practicing sports movement will be automatically recorded automatically into the brain.

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