5 Reasons why on Monday is so lazy to work

Some research claims that Monday is the best day to work. But most employees are in fact more often complain of lazy when it comes to work on Monday. Not only is it possible you even less I personally also like Monday?

review via Rookiestew: Maybe or even some employees consider Monday as a day full of work and full of busyness and boredom, as previously was a holiday. Not surprisingly then, reluctantly went to the office or school to feel heavy and lazy.

In fact, many employees who feel hate Mondays. Here are five reasons that often make people lazy to work on Monday:

5 Reasons to Make us Lazy to Work on Monday 

1 Previous day off 

In contrast to other work day, employees are reluctant to go on Monday because the holiday feel just before the weekend. Moreover, for many employees, Monday is a time where they have to wrestle with drowsiness and is reluctant to office.

2 More tasks

At the beginning of the week, you usually have to re-adapt to face a variety of jobs in the office. In addition, at the beginning of the week, you will find working pressure is much heavier than before.

3 Jamming / dense traffic

Somehow, Mondays are usually much more crowded than the other weekdays. Of course the heavy traffic can make lazy employees go to work.

 4.You are not a workaholic 

Only the super-obsessive workaholic who would love Mondays. And if you are not one of these groups, of course, you will be reluctant to work on Monday.

5. Not ready to work 

Considering you just away for the weekend, your mind is not ready to re-adapt to the work culture. Not to mention you still have to continue working until a few days ahead.

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